Model: Kevin Hansen

Manufactured: May 28 1998

Parked: Sweden, Götene

Car Number: 81 in Swedish RallyX 

Languages: Swedish, English, Spanish

Occupation: Student

Team: Hansen Junior Team

Car: SuperCar Lites as a Peugeot 208RX

Physical coach: Andreas Rådmark;
Lifeclub Götene

Career in Karting
2005-2007 Cadetti
2008-2009 Micro
South Swedish Champion in 2009
2010 Junior 60 and ROK Junior
In-official World Champion in ROK Junior 2010

Career in RallycrossRX
2012 och 2013 JRX and Suzuki Swift
JRX European Champion in 2012 and 2013
Suzuki Swift Junior Champion 2012 and 2013